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I'm a crossdresser, born 1964, 177 cm high, 71 kg, bisexual, slender or slim, love to smile and is almost always in good mood. Always try to find the good things in life, don't smoke and drink only socially.
I do use a lot of time on the internet, and you biggest task will be to keep me busy with other things, cause I am hooked of all you find at the internet.

Are very openminded, love to explore and try new ideas in the sexual world, but feel still as a beginner. Believe that life is much more than sex - like lots of dresses and wearing them ;-) Are submissive and into domination, bondage and other interesting things in the sex life - but not into hard S/m. I do likes a little game in that direction .. ;-)

Love to dress in long wide dresses and gowns, or in dresses with a hubble skirt - both kinds brings up a feeling in me, that make me feel much more fem (sub-fem).

Don't like to get up early, but in right company everything is possible ;-) .. Don't normal go early to bed, but can be "forced" if wanted ;)

Has many friends in real life, most of them is girlfriends - has lots of friends at the net, again most of them are girlfriends.
People who commit with me, will have to accept that I use much time on my friends.

People who tell a lie or is false to me, will never have a chance to get my friendship.

In my life a deal is a deal and a word is a word - and offcause, a promise has to be kept forever.

As girl, I am the submissive and quiet and try to be effective and household maid. While as male I am the always hard-working away from home, but the lazy at home enjoying time to relax.

I'm not into phonesex, cybersex or other kind of superficial sex !!

If you have any questions - feel free to ask me

I do not seek anything !!

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