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Do know that all have dreams, but who know what the dreams is and how to get them into your life ?

It's always hard to describe a dream, cause offen is a dream a fragment of something not finished - but I will try to tell about some of the things I dream about.
Who don't dream about "and they lived happily ever after" - well you know what I mean. But to come this closer, I would try to describe some of the dreams that I have in my head - I hope you might like some of them ;-)
Just remember, nobody say that these dreams ever are gonna come true ;-)


Dreaming about meeting a person who wants a daughter that the person never got and therefore this kind of choices - to create the daughter out of a guy that will be a perfect match for the wishes.
The person train and educates the daughter from scratch, with diaper, potty training and then always dressed in the cutest princess dresses. The person choose to keep the daughter's age in the 2-5 years, and thereby forcing the guy to continue to have the young age, dressed and brought up as girls at that age.
Which he is forced to live the rest of his life. The mom will keep her "daugther" at that stage with help of force, diapers and by drinking milk from moms breasts.

Dreaming about being "kidnapped" by several older persons who just want to have their very own girl who can dress and take advantage as it suits them.
Dreaming in this connection that would go around between them so they all get their chance to use me.
All the persons agree that my dress should always be a long dress reaching down to the floor, so it is hard to move around in.

Dreaming about to come under control of a Master/Mistress, who teaches me to be His/Hers Property that is always dressed in dresses with hubble skirt, so I can not run away from Him/Her.
At the same time, all work be extra troublesome and humiliating at the lack of freedom of movement.

Dreaming about being seduced by a person so thoroughly that I don't senses all my clothes is removed and then get me into a southern belle dress, and then I'm bound so the control over me is 100% - I first senses it was only when the person gives me a gag in mouth, and then it's to late.

Dreaming about being a man's wife, where the man works and earn the money while his wife is a housewife whose responsibility lies in all the housework.
The man requires that the wife is always dressed in a dress in 50 style, with large petticoat under her dress.

Dreaming about being seduced so thoroughly that all senses are inoperative, and when they finally come to life, I discover that I was a living doll, unable to do anything other than what a doll can do. The doll mode is held in place whit help of hypnosis.

Dreaming about being seduced and persuaded by a married couple to be their niece, as they have in their custody and therefore also determines how she must be raised, educated and clothed as the prober girl they want her to be in frilly dresses with lot of petticoats.

Dreaming about being a daugher for at SugarMom or/and SugarDad who keep the daughter dresses always in long skirts or dresses and always with lot of petticoats under the skirts and dresses. "Mom and Dad" always enjoy their daughter living with them, so They can train and use Their daughter to be the complete right one, after Their wishes and ideas.



Dreaming about being kept "captured" always in chastity belt, always dressed feminine, real long dresses or gowns with lots of petticoats, corset to shape my figure more "girlie". Maybe in chain so there is no chance to run and this way be tought up to be woman/girl who shall take care off .. tought up to be pretty and take care off home.

Been dressed every day, told what to wear, been the doll that the keeper put on make up so the keeper is satisfied.

Been kept in "short leach" - perhaps with no option to talk or look cause of wearing gag and blindfold - so no chance to know what coming next.

All the dreams is just put up in a row where no is before the other ones. There is no prority in them.

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