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Kazzie, who is crossdresser will here try to exlain how it is to be crossdresser.

But what is a crossdresser ?

The best explaination must be, that it's a person that dress in the oppesite gender's clothes.
Beside that, there offen come a lot of other aspects in the dressing, but that is differents from each crossdresser to crossdresser.

This site will try to explain how kazzie see "her" self as crossdresser, and which aspects that affect the dressing, the life and the surroundings.

Just remember reading this site, is writen on base of what kazzie have been told and what kazzie know "herself" about "her" and the surroundings - so take everything as it is, and make your own oppinion about it.

Welcome to

(sorry about the spelling and way to say the things - everything is ment possitive).

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